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TESOL Affiliate Network: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the TESOL Affiliate Network?

Any professional association meeting specific criteria is eligible to apply for ​membership in the TESOL Affiliate Network. Professional associations are generally defined as nonprofit or nongovernmental membership organizations that seek to advance a particular profession or field of study. TESOL affiliates offer English language educators professional information and support within their geographic regions. There are approximately 120 associations in the TESOL Affiliate Network serving nearly 50,000 professionals worldwide.

When did the first affiliate relationships begin?

TESOL International Association welcomed its first affiliates in 1969, when nine associations were granted affiliate status.

What is the relationship between TESOL International Association and affiliate associations?

Each affiliate association is independent of TESOL International Association with its own governance structure, mission, finances, and members. These associations are affiliated with TESOL International Association and each other as members of the TESOL Affiliate Network. The relationship is governed by the Affiliate Network Policy.

The purpose of affiliation with TESOL is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and information, and to encourage the development of cooperative events, projects, and initiatives between and among TESOL and affiliate associations to advance excellence in the field of English language teaching.

Are members of a TESOL affiliate also members of TESOL International Association?

Membership in TESOL International Association does not include membership in any regional TESOL affiliate, nor does membership in a TESOL affiliate include membership in TESOL International Association.

What is the Affiliate Network Professional Council?

The ANPC is a professional council in the association’s governance system. According to TESOL policy, professional councils are appointed to provide professional expertise to help advance the strategic objectives of the association.
  • ANPC members are appointed through an open call for applications.
  • Members make a one-year commitment to serve and can seek to renew their commitment annually for up to three years of service.
  • Duties and responsibilities are shared among ANPC members.
  • The ANPC chair is an appointed position from within the council.
View the Affiliate Network Professional Council charter. 

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