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Read-Voc Newsletter (RV-IS)

Mission Statement

Reading and Vocabulary are key areas for the development of English communicative competence in all contexts.The mission of this Interest Section is 1)  to be a forum for TESOL members to share their expertise and insights, and 2) to reach beyond the current TESOL membership, forming liaisons with other associations and governmental agencies concerned with the promotion of reading, vocabulary, and literacy.


We aim to leverage our shared expertise to provide professional development opportunities, to advocate for sound guidelines, and to promote excellence in research and pedagogy for reading, vocabulary and literacy education worldwide.


The Reading and Vocabulary Interest Section (RV-IS) informs teachers, materials writers, curriculum designers, test developers as well as those who set educational policy for language programs about recent advances in our understanding of the process of learning to read, acquiring vocabulary and the process of reading itself.

Call for Submissions

Read-Voc Newsletter encourages submissions related to any educational setting, especially traditionally underrepresented contexts (Pre-K through 12, two-year colleges, community programs, international K-12 schools, etc.). Given the newsletter's electronic format, authors are encouraged to include hyperlinks.

To ensure diversity of interest and coverage of as many aspects of reading and vocabulary research and instruction, Read-Voc Newsletter encourages submissions on the following themes and in the following contexts:

  • University classrooms: Critical Reading Strategies & Tiered Vocabulary
  • PreK–12 reading and vocabulary instruction
  • Reading learner communities in the classroom
  • Extensive Reading
  • Improving/Encouraging Reading Fluency
  • Vocabulary strategies specifically for ESL/EFL
  • Vocabulary retention strategies and application/transference of Vocabulary
  • Professional development in Reading and Vocabulary Topics
  • Potential technological aids for reading and vocabulary

If you would like to submit to the Read-Voc Newsletter, please read and adhere to the following submission guidelines

How to Submit

Please send your submissions and questions to the Read-Voc Newsletter Co-Editors: 

Doreen Ewert   
Christy Williams


  • Calls for Submissions for Pre-Convention Newsletter: December
  • Submission Deadline for Pre-Convention Newsletter: January 15th
  • Expected Publication: Early February
  • Calls for Submissions for Mid-Year Newsletter: May
  • Submission Deadline for Mid-Year Newsletter: June 21st
  • Expected Publication: Early July

Action Research Projects

Read-Voc Newsletter welcomes summaries of classroom-based action research projects. Submissions should include a discussion of the following items:

  • statement of the problem
  • research design
  • proposed solutions
  • analysis of results
  • final reflections

Please include any relevant classroom materials that emerged from the research.

Book/Media Review Policy

Read-Voc Newsletter welcomes reviews of teacher resource books and student texts dealing with second language writing, teaching, research, and administration. Anyone interested in writing a review for Read-Voc Newsletter may choose a recently published book in the field and contact the editor for approval and review copies. Reviews will be considered for publication based on the quality of the reviewer’s evaluation and description of the book as well as the book’s relevance and importance to the field.

Reviews should

  • be in APA format (7th edition)
  • be 600–900 words in length
  • include a 50-word (maximum 500 characters) abstract and a two- to three-sentence author biography

Submissions on Technology and Online Teaching & Learning

Read-Voc Newsletter welcomes articles on technology, announcements, reports, and reviews in the following categories:

  • Software/Hardware (e.g., organizing systems or integrating software/hardware in learning environments to enhance reading instruction, assessment, or program evaluation)
  • Materials Design (e.g., using software that address specific language-learning goals, including discovery activities, practice exercises, storybooks, quizzes, or games)
  • Curriculum Design (e.g., using course management software such as Blackboard or eCollege to design e-courses, e-programs, or hybrids for second language reading)
  • Applied Reading Research (e.g., programs to identify difficulty level, lexico-grammatical features, eye-tracking experiments and corpus linguistics).

World Language Submissions

Read-Voc Newsletter welcomes submissions focusing on world language contexts. Types of submissions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • statements of instructional problems
  • summary of research
  • literature review with pedagogical implications
  • book/media review
  • lesson plans
  • handouts and activity sheets
  • proposed joint research projects

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